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The Dawn's Request

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If I crack up
Lose my head
Try to hid beneath my bed
And leave the television on
So I don't think of what's gone wrong
I beg the dawn

Break through, save me
Rescue me
Wake me from the dead
My weary head in your embrace

If I spin out
And off the rails
Build myself a bed of nails
And take the whole world down with me
Into my dime-store tragedy
Where will you be?

Break through, heal me
Sing to me
Kneel beside my bed
My weary head in your embrace

Wake up, sunrise
I may be alone but I'm alive
And I will find a way to you

Sunrise, you saved me this time
You never even had to try
And you opened up my eyes

Sunrise, you treat me so kind
I was lost, I was blind
And you opened up my eyes
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