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Happy Alone

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Call in the airstrike, tell them to make the drop
and now she ate a cycle no-one but you can stop
Would it be fair to say that you're in love with love?
And is that enough?

I bet you feel really potent stuff
the shadows of doubt on how things turn out
are typically gray

But even the stucco on the wall
is right two times a day
and it's still enough

Just how much distance means we're on our own?
and can we be happy
Happy alone?

The universe opens up the door
and we go right in, it's there, it's new, it's cool
it's something we ain't seen before

And five minutes in
an egg timer rings
to clip off our carefree flapping wings
show us the things we can't afford
and throw us overboard
but it's still enough.

Just how much distance means we're on our own?
until i see you off at home
down the sidewalk in my head
I might be sinking like a stone
but perfectly happy
just openly happy

In my home, I've always known
I gotta be happy alone
so burn the mail, destroy the phone
yeah, I'd wanna be happy alone
the moving sky, the rocks below
All so perfectly happy alone

Our little hearts have turned to stone
I'd better be happy alone.
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