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The Acclamation Of Bonds

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[Words: Ihsahn.]
[Music: Ihsahn & Samoth.]
[Arrangements: Ihsahn.]

Vide, ravens caw in reverence.
Anthems to the Welkin at dusk.
In celebration of the few, rhe kin,
beyond flesh, beyond words.
Those of the core, beyond gods,
as gods received.

I float among them
on wings once broken,
now gleaming black.
I share their song
of words unspoken.
Cries of the past.

In times of fiendish tempest
bloodlust turns against the coil.
Hungry for the fall,
I greet the pit.
Blind Savage
Cursing Life.

Yet, at the moment of my final step
the hands and golden chains are given.
Bidding me
that which can not be deprived:
The bonds of trust and unity,
till the end.

Brethren and sisters of my circle,
I acclaim thee all.
When guiding stars are clouded and deranged,
fear not to take my hand.

The bonds of trust and unity.
As gods received
till the end.
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