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Mate! I'm zonked absolutely spent
I think I'm gonna give up my eyes for lent
I'll use my sockets to stock stones instead
And with an icy cold stare I'll hide bones in your bed

Mate! Please accept this invitation
So I can take you away

Cos there's a one in 40 thousand chance
Asteroid Apophis
Will collide with the earth in less that 20 years

Roll up for the knees up business
Yes yes yes ok i think we've heard quite enough from you

Instead of staring at your Stella desperately for inspiration
Belt up and quiver at your indignation
I ain't saying anything that could be construed as an apology
There's another case study of anthropology
Lets announce embargos and denounce our far foes
Ingrowing egos a syntax he knows
It's just a distance that separates us
Or are we really all ethno-centric-ally inclined?

Mate! What the fuck are you going on about?

This is a draconian law I protest
I protest
The herd is rowdy
The squad is vexed
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