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Give Us The Truth

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[Verse One]
All I ever wanted was to know the truth
Seeking Jesus at 16 meaning my middle youth
Man I really hungered and had this inner thirst
Absurd the thought of me even missin' a day of church
Man it felt like heaven, especially Bible study
I had my Bible pen and pad sittin' next to my buddies
The Word had us open especially certain verses
Spendin' hours in worship man it just felt so perfect
And then after the service out on the parking lot
Laughin' and rappin' for hours afterwards we talked a lot
Felt like your second family for me felt like my first
We lost our ties when my grandmother died I kept in hurt
Remember certain ministers inspired you to learn
You had anxiety inside and just waitin' your turn
People announce they callin' jumpin' and shoutin'
That dun dunt dun dunt it was so arousin'

Give us the truth that's what we need
Lying leaders been deceivin' us since we were seeds
Give us the truth that's what we need
Teachers and preachers teach us the things that set us free
Give us the truth that's what we need
Parents teach us bout Jesus before we get older
Give us the truth that's what we need
Sin is spreading and the world is getting colder

[Verse Two]
Then that first year progressed and turned into five
Learning so much and I'm comin' in touch closer with God
Some things were gettin' sticky I mean real sticky
I'm trippin' I'm wonderin' was Jesus even really with me
Man I felt numb meanin' I lost my feelin'
People standin', dancin', liftin' hands while I was chillin'
No longer loved the sermons felt like I wasn't learnin'
The topics taught on weren't touchin' my inner yearnings
And then some behavior seemed like counterfeit revival
I looked for Scriptures that supported this off in the Bible
Yet I couldn't find it I felt blinded
I thought it was a demon in error I tried to bind it
But nothin' happened here comes depression
Maybe when they threw the Holy Spirit that I didn't catch Him
Did I miss my blessin'? Felt unprotected
In the midst of a war scarred without my weapon

[Verse Three]
Then I left St. Louis on a tour with Cross Movement
And who would have knew it these dudes have also been through it
I shared my brokenness feelings of hopelessness
For so long faked my emotions no one even noticed it
Yet it was obvious God in His providence
Put me with people to guide me and got me outta this
And then my other brother T.R.U.T.H. began to share the same
I almost wept I saw the steps it took to bear the name
Without truth left me in utter confusion
Without truth left me with subtle delusions
Without truth no longer fought to win
Without truth drove me back into sin
The depth of this journey can't be described in words
This is just the tip of the iceberg
But from now until my death this is what I'll do
I'm learning standing and I'll fight for truth
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