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Where God Placed You

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I grew up in St. Louis
Dirty 314
It was nothing
I was accustomed to see one go
In that high rise building on that 14th floor
With them broke elevators
Man that thing ran slow
Mom and Pops at the crib told me bless my plate
That government cheese for dinner we on Section 8
Plus it's hard Mom sick Daddy come home late
In them streets past 3 trying to chase that weight
Moms due in and out of the hospital
I'm listening to shots riddle
All this while I's little
I'm thinking back, I'm thinking back this is weak and wack
Like objects they stick us all in these projects, yes
More or less think this the way it is
That God made us and God placed me in brown skin
Around sin
My grade school ain't get government aid
A young ages feel like that we got government played but...

He placed me right here
(Do you think about your place on the map)
(Some born in the suburbs, some in the trap)
He placed you right there
(Consider your race, your city and state)
(Your third world or US of A)
He placed me right here
(Consider your race)
(By God's design, you were placed in time and space)
He placed you right there
(Before the day of your birth)
(God decided where He wanted you to stay on this earth)
He placed me right here

God established the boundaries of your habitat
Ain't no accident if you were born listening to rap
Ain't no accident if God made you white or black (nope)
In America, South Africa or Iraq
Ain't no coincidence if you were born with riches
Or in poverty obviously God has his intentions
See He made all nations and He know they situation
Ain't no accident you were packed in this generation
And your situation should get you chasing His plan
To get you groping and seeking just to see what He saying
See God ain't far away
And He ain't hard to find
But the Father's the farthest person away from our mind
And when you want to complain
Think a couple of things
Why you in my head
And what is it that Jesus is saying
Then read the Bible and God'll guide you right into change
The time is now, now
Just turn around and lift up your hands

See some of ya'll might be wondering
Why am I where I am? Good question.
Why am I this race?
Why am I this age?
But see God put you right where He saw fit
At the time He wanted to
At the year He saw was best for you
See He put you in the right situations
That you might feel your way towards Him
To find Him
Though He is not far from each one of us
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