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Batman Theme Song

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You shot my parents.

You killed my parents.

Made me an orphan.

Raising hell in Gotham City

with your welcoming committee.

Shot them both and left the crime scene.

Took my oath to keep the streets clean.

You took my parents.

Thought it was over.

I lost my parents.

I found me.

Now I belong to the night.

Nightfalls, Daybreaks

White walls, Backaches

I am the Dark Knight.

Knight Quest, Violence, Light rest

I am the Batman now.

And noone can know my alter ego is Bruce Wayne.

Wayne's Old, Bat brave, So bold, Vigilante

Or is it Batman?

Which is the mask now?

I’m just a man. No superpowers.

Spend my hours.

On the computer.

Keeping my eye on the Arkham Asylum and

I am the Batman now

A caped crusader

Gotham is safe when I’m around


I can’t be found

That’s why I’m world renowned

Without a sound

You’re gagged and bound

And what’s worse, you’re surrounded.

Playboy by Day,

Crimefighter by night

You’re in my sight

So do what’s right

No devil’s dance in moonlight

I am the batman now

I am the batman now

That man’s Insane. Batman’s Bruce Wayne.

Joker is killing

Catwoman’s hiding.

Alfred is willing

Robin is fighting.

You took my parents.

You killed my parents.

And I know

what the heart of little Gotham City wants.
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