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...Dust to Dust

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After the rain arise tje sunshine
And all the same I feel weak
The hereos win and never die
In all the fairy tales
Memories growin in my mind
I'm bringing it all with me away
So now i must to regain the sky
The way of light, the land of braves
The heroes win and never die
But I saw the victory
The wounds are stronger as am I
My life is over again
And I'm bleeding inside
Crawlin on the road
Leads to the paradise(the sky)
as a human as am I
rising up with head held high
cause I defeated master
the nightmares creatures
I am free
flying beyond the stars
dust to dust
(I'm) leaving with (a) human's soul
printed on my mind
the life i passed away
look the sky
you'll see me again
high up in the sky
I watch the universe
the land where I deny
is far away from earth
but I would love to remain
I bid you farewell
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