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Raise your glass up to the night
And drink ye of your fill
Come and taste the dark delight
And take of Heaven's milk

It's the only one, the holy one
Manna from the stars above
The liquid flame of fire and shame
Jgermeister, its sacred name

In the heat of a summer night
Or when the cold wind blows
When your soul yearns to be free
There's comfort in the liquid gold

And in your hand
The Promised Land
The universe at your command
To ecstasy from despair
Jgermeister will take you there, Oh yeah

Jagermeister [8x]

When the dread cold hand of Death
Is heavy on your heart
When all hope and love is lost and your world torn apart
Jgermeister, Jgermeister
The sweetest blood from the veins of Pan
Bacchus, Dionysus, lead me up to the lips of Isis
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