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The Realm of Shadows Shall Forever Reign

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Dark evil winds that are blowing through the skies in the
Realm of Satan's shadows are the sounds of tortured souls.
Worshiping the pagan gods of unholy war in the darkest caves of ancient lands that inspire gloom.
Roaming through the lonely forest casting evil spells to the sacred heavens of the gods that we must destroy.
Members of Satanic legions marching into war singing ancient battle hymns raising bloody swords.

Killing feeble Christians all in master Satan's name.
Soldiers dressed in black waving banners of the horde.
Sons of the moon that were born in its bays are the ones that will fight in the war against light.
Oh! King of mine with a pentagram that shines, your cryptic
Realm of shadows shall forever reign supreme.
Open wide gates of hell! Show me death with your fire!

Deep under moon skies far in a forest,
Voices in the wind sing melodies of sadness.
Rites of a black mass hiding in the dark fog,
Summoning the demons in the name of Satan...

Lord of inferno! Hail the hell throne!
Show me the gateway to your mighty kingdom
Realm of the shadows forever reigning,
Like eternal darkness... In the name of Satan

Dark ancient rites summon the horned God
Altar of death, altar of doom... Arise!
Unholy blood spills on the dead earth
I summon thee Lord Satanas, now!
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