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I don't know why we have to die
I don't know a thing about this life
I know the punishment don't always fit the crime
But I will get by
I will get by
I know this drinkin's gonna take me down
I feel the sin inside my body now
Oh mercy mercy forgive my lack of will
Oh I...I'm just trying to get by
I'm just trying to get by
Don't want to go to hell
Can't hardly stand myself
I'm like a weed at the side of the road
Nothing but filthy air
Gotta get out of here
I'm like a weed and you know how hard they can be to kill
And you can't kill me
I don't know why a broken heart
Can hurt you more than having your hand cut off
I've come to save you but you're already gone
Oh I will get by
Oh I will get by
Oh I will get by
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