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Behind The Clown

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Only fragments of the truth we follow
Sailing on the sea of lies with sorrow
Fill the emptiness inside so hollow
And bring meaning to our day tomorrow

God if you wait for me
I will wait for you
Can you forgive the things we've done here
We try to make it good
But it's all so misunderstood
I see the future but the future don't see me... No

Silent in the pantomine
I play my part so well
Invisible the man behind the clown
Imagining the sound
A voice I know so well
And when I turn around she will be there

From the nest comes a breed born to lead
Abandoned souls of evil so cold
And will they ever know
Only love can show the way and help the day
Take us home again
So cynical the world but still so brave

Hey girl will you wait for him
Or did you paint him black
Did you give him the chance to know you
Hey mister president
Are you proud of your testament
Is it the truth I see
Are you blinding me... Yeahhh

Silent in the pantomine
We play the part so well
Invisible are we behind the clown
I'm longing for a sound
A voice I know so well
And suddenly she's lying there
Next to my pilow

Silent... Silent in the pantomine
Play my part so well... Yeahhh
Oh imagine there's a sound
A voice I know so well
And suddenly she's there
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