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In My Time Of Dying

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n my time of dying, want nobody to mourn
All I want for you to do is take my body home

Well, well, well, so I can die easy (X2)

Jesus, gonna make up my dyin´ bed.
Meet me, Jesus, meet me. Meet me in the middle of the air
If my wings should fail me, Lord. Please meet me with another pair

Well, well, well, so I can die easy (X2)

Jesus, gonna make up.. somebody, somebody...
Jesus gonna make up... Jesus gonna make you my dyin´ bed

Oh, Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven... Won´t you let me in
I never did no harm. I never did no wrong

Oh, Gabriel, let me blow your horn. Let me blow your horn
Oh, I never did, did no harm.

I´ve only been this young once. I never thought I´d do anybody no wrong
No, not once.

Oh, I did somebody some good. Somebody some good...
Oh, did somebody some good. I must have did somebody some good...
Oh, I believe I did

I see the smiling faces
I know I must have left some traces

And I see them in the streets
And I see them in the field
And I hear them shouting under my feet
And I know it´s got to be real
Oh, Lord, deliver me
All the wrong I´ve done
You can deliver me, Lord
I only wanted to have some fun.

Hear the angels marchin´, hear the´ marchin´, hear them marchin´,
hear them marchin´, the´ marchin´

Oh my Jesus... (repeat)

Oh, don´t you make it my dyin´, dyin´, dyin´...cough

(Studio Chatter: "That´s gonna be the one ´asn´t it?"
"Come have a listen, then. "
Oh yes, thank you.")
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