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Blind Dog Pride

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Another night is drawing high
I feel the spike in my side
To rid us all from this disease

And though a legion sides with me
And marches on ferociously
I can´t force war to find my peace

I´ve seen the other side
The one world beyond our dog pride
Somewhere outside is evolution, standing by

One in a million´s just a drone
Amassed in crowds you´re still alone
The last of its kind is
The one with a mind of its own
This fate of ours is still unknown

I look at you and see what I
What I hate so in myself
I urge to vanquish this from me

And yet despite my open mind
I can not force those who are blind
To open up their eyes and see

I claim no unjust victory
But I am not afraid to see through
The shroud of destiny
Time and law are both my enemies
I won´t fade away in history
I will mark this land with my beliefs

I never turned away or ran to hide
I have lived with my own mind as my guide
I never sold my right to decide
It was taken from me

Courtesy of the blind dog pride
The eyes of seekers turning wide
Lost is he by someone else´s side
He who isn´t free

I know how my fate is in my mind
And those soothing words
They just drive me blind
I never sold out human kind
It was taken from me!
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