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Shaving Your Life

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early come one winters morning
i packed my bags and said goodbye
i knew my mind was made up
and then she cried and asked me why
i had run
i heard the world calling my name
had to find a better place
had to take a chance and get away

wake up to a different point of view
look to my better half
but i dont see you
5000 miles away
i left a life of ignorance
i did not understand
but to me it makes more sense
our lives go on
while we procrastinate
feeling okay
watching as the blue skies turn to gray
got nothing to say
later on a new spring morning
i felt my strength come back around
i knew id come full circle
left with the wisdom that i found
i had to run
i heard my home calling my name
back to a better place
back to somewhere i knew i could stay

watch days go by
while we procrastinate
feeling okay
funny how it all turns out
when you start to try
i dont know where to run

i see that place in front of you
the things i thought were not true
i see the fires burning you
got nothing
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