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Without You feat. MarsRaps

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One time for my pretty BGirls who would never
Let another try to squash what they say
And even when you get flak behind your back the fact is
your my secret - I won't give you away
One time radical really fanatical
BBoys who be posted coolin'
Who ain't got time for the wrong rhyme
on the fourth climb - cause the first time we do it
And I'll write you letters from now to forever
'Cause whether we've got our wings to birds of a feather we are
Call me whenever - it don't matter the weather
I look at life like we're in this together for better
And I'm breathin', breathin', breathin'
Yeah - and you're my heartbeat
And not a single word from these haters
Will stop me or drop me cause I know you got me

I would run and I would fly
But I would never make it by without you, without you
Cause I can't rest and I can't fight
All I need is you and I
Without you - I said without you
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