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Drivin' fast along the icy road
And the snow has just fallen
Actually it's still falling
It never seems to stop

I look over my shoulder and make a circle through the rear window
So I can see
We're in a fish eye traveling backwards
And nothing seems to mean anything

I marvel at all the trees without leaves
Standing naked in the snow
Like they've lost something, too
Like houses without roofs

And there's a fire in the city just before we arrive
The anticipation of my landing has left me perpetually awake
As we approach the gate, I'm nervous
As though I'm tempting fate

Now that we're inside a calm takes over me and I begin to wonder where you might be
I am wondering all sorts of things, these days
Like [why] I'm getting permission from you to do what I know I need to
To finish what I start
Write it all down
These un-spoken words from my heart


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