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The Train

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All aboard
Or all you're bored?
It's good o have you all back now
Ladies and gents
You all already know what it is
God don't make no mistakes
God don't make no mistakes

[Verse 1]
Little do they know when I was brought up into this game
Point ain't always in a vibe for spitting I made a change
Like the diaper on the bottom of my baby daughter
I wasn't ready to be a father, maybe, kind of, sorta
'Cause when I saw her I sweat and made a tear fall
Not tears of sorrow but of joy so listen here you all
I grabbed the mic and moved the crowd then disappeared dog
Back in '94 that was the motherfucking year homeboy
Then that southernplayalistic went platinum
Stacks on deck they ain't tell us to pay our taxes
Walking around the table in the kitchen we was practicing
Reciting rhymes to sharpen minds now let's deliver to the masses

It's been a good long road
Now it's time for me to go
I say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Time to spread my wings
And high up in the sky
I can fly, I fly, I fly, so high

[Verse 2]
Welcome to my life I think it's time I take it back
I got to give you all the facts so you can see what type of cat
That you dealing with now on ATLiens we was killing it
And then my auntie pass she was like my mother I was feeling it
The first person close to me to died I needed healing
But I see her as an angel when I look up at the ceiling
Like my daddy and granddaddy on both shoulders steady chilling
So you got to keep on living like each day is the beginning
It's your birthday even on your worst day
Live it like the first day I'm Antwan Andre
Or General Patton if you know 'bout Purple Ribbon or Got Purp
I, I be on that kryptonite that means I can't be hurt
Gotta leave this place it's been cool but I got to go


Even on the train
Should've ask two per men
I'll be back again
(Know we been though a lot I ain't perfect but I swear to you I'm a changed man)
Even on the train
Should've asked two per men
I'll be back again
(From the caboose)

[Verse 3]
Now it's time to say goodbye they should've turned me loose
I was all about my team but now I call upon my crew
I'm a family type of person but I'm deadly dolo too
And you can achieve anything that you put your heart into
See the second hand will never stop and neither will the clock
The nigga big still hit the stage by hisself and still rock
When your faith is in the right place see he ain't gonna let you flop
You can say whatever you want (but you can't do it like me)
Boy stop!!

Before you can say you can't at all
There's no excuse this time don't be afraid to fly
You never know what day the doors will close
It's time to say goodbye time to pack up and ride
Got to leave this place it's been cool but I gotta go

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