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Beyond The Mirror

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Through a dusty window I watch the clouds draw near
A lovely vision of my doom
The sunlight's fading - reflections start to dim
Through the dusty window in this room

I'm walking through my memories as I'm staring through the glass
I have to claim I'm innocent
Though I can't remember what I've done these past few nights
I can't be the one that Father Kane believes I am

I see myself now, in the dusty glass
All wired up in this chair
My face is foreign and my weary eyes are black
I see myself through that stare

Eternal alleys that lead to walls hidden behind unlocked doors
I claim the handle, I need to see
Even though I'll surely be afraid of what I may find...

...beyond the mirror!
(Inside the circle)

I walk through mazes of cold corridors
Searching for the core of my mind
My heartbeats reach out to find another pulse
That once was bound and confined

The two different heartbeats, becoming one
Are causing the coalescence of my soul
A quiet outcry - a silent scream - is filling me as I am driven back
From shadows that dwell...

...beyond the mirror!
(Inside the circle)

My world is frozen as I'm staring through the glass
Gazing through the window at my memories
Not longer foreign
Though I somehow wish...they were

The glowing fingers of a violent raging sky
In search for evil find a path
They rush through my veins, they invite my pulse to die
They end my life with frenzied wrath

Amidst the shadows of whisper land
I feel that something's binding me to life
Confined in nowhere by no ones hand
I realize the pact is unfulfilled
I'm trapped on the edge...

...beyond the mirror!
(Inside the circle)
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