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She is smarter than your average girl
But she still don't get it
She could travel all the western world
But she still won't get it
It takes more than a mind to know
Anybody will tell you so
But she won't let me in
Even though it's a sin to forget it

Could it be that she would prefer her we
Without me in it
I would understand if another man
Was around to win it
Did the last one leave her cold
Will the mystery unfold
Leaves me wonderin' why
No I can't even try to forget it

Yeah, I knew that it wouldn't be easy
But that don't stop me from trying
And if I said I could just forget you
I'd be lying

My persistence paid, last night she stayed
And we finally made it
The surprise I found is she's been around
And her heart is jaded
I was blinded by my dream
Sometimes things ain't what they seem
Now, I must confess
That I think it's best we forget it
There I said it
Don't regret it
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