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Break Me Off

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(feat. Missy Elliott)
[Petey Pablo]
Man you see that
Everytime they with all them big cars, we can't get nothin
I don't like that, I don't like that at all

I got myself some new funk
And I'm, bout to get funked up, I said
Well you got a lot of cash let me ask where yo maims
Damn where you fro out of town or where you stay
I got myself some new funk
And I'm, bout to get funked up, I said
You should play ball with the sweet game you play
Girl, ain't no ball playin goin on round here

[Verse 1 - Petey Pablo]
Guess who jumped back in the izzle skizzle
To get every boy on his, brother Tim
Why you fuckin with him, he gone have you shame of yourself
Out on a limb and to far, to call help
I ain't hatin on him, I just heard it heard from him
He heard it from him, so he must have done it to them
Wait a cotton-pickin minute (Naw) y'all gone head
Get in the bed, hike up ya legs, give him some head
Girl play to win, work until the dick fall dead
I'm just hopin, I can get a chance to poke it myself
Yeah, for shizzle Mrs, Thizzle
My pager number (877 for Petey Pizzle)


[Verse 2 - Missy Elliott]
My man at the crib, nigga what the deal
Look but don't feel, come on man I came to kill
I think you wanna chill, cause you on the X pills
In Zeffer hills, and make my titties look like the hills
Beg if you will, like I ain't gettin no deal
My ass give him chills, like a slut in high hills
My body is a meal, like fries in the ville
Now playa look at here, ain't nothin goin in my rear
My night gown sheer, I know you want to tear
Now can't you tear my underwear like apple and pears
(Oh Yeah!) Oh yeah sheezy my neezy
7793 come on hit me when you need me


[Verse 3 - Petey Pablo]
Girl I got a half a pund of reffer, a thousand geeker pops
Call up all yo homegirls, see if they can come out
See if they'll show out, Freek-a-leek or somethin
See if they can boun-bounce over these speed bump-bumps
Make her blow the backdoor down
Make her scream loud (AHHH!)
Like on Girls Gone Wild, breaker break it down, turn it around
(ha - ha - ha) I'm tryin to throw a hooker hip out
Make her stick her tongue out (?) now sit down
Aint but one helicopter pilot in this chopper now
Show her what the chopper's about, you in Petey's house
Tu-tu-turn around, make a right and get the hell out

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