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Sleepless nights are taking control
1 more line and your ready to go
On your feet and out the door.
5 in the morning and where are you now
Treking the grid and times running out
Your whole life's an empty bag.

You emptied it out
Watched all your dreams come tumbling down
Alienated all those around
Down in a hole and
Who gives a fuck about you now.

You think that there's no other way.
Stuck with the life that you betrayed
I hope you feel it when the sun lights hits your eyes
Your god can't take away the pain.

So just cram that shit up your nose
Weeks gone by and your eyes haven't closed.
Worm the carpet thin again.

5 in the morning and where are you now.
Tweakin's the only way you know how.
Still you clutch that empty bag.
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