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Chocolate Factory

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When I discovered you I discovered a piece within, joy like no other,
you're my closest friend,
if you were a number you'd be a perfect 10
right out of the skies you were heaven sent.
the way we make love over and over again
if I had to describe you I wouldn't know where to begin
I am so proud to be your next of kin
you prayed over me when I had no reason to live

candy caramel coated taffies chocolate covered strawberries,
love so sweet, your my chocolate factory
gum drops mixed with chocolate milk bars, theres so much variety
love so sweet, your my chocolate factory

now if I could write a book on how you make me feel
the tittle would be strong black man, and that's for real
you got me going round and round like a ferries wheel
in and out of relationships and baby your the deal,
ain't nobody on god's green earth for me, heaven stirred us up together
and made the perfect chemistry, wouldn't change you for the world as long as I exist.
Always in the kitchen cooking my favorite meal.
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