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Pit Bull Fights

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(feat. Polite)

[story of Lex Diamond carried over from Intro]

Pit bull fights, niggaz is bustin the lights
Undercovers gettin killed for drugs - yo
Fiends is basin, runners is licensed to fight
Young gangstas chase sneakers and snubs - and yo
Elevator's broken, pissy stairwells and shells
Old men gossip with tales, you know?
Police burners with bodies on 'em, bury 'em
Worry for minutes then we fire them (blaow!)
I see firemen, ambulances, narcotic mansions
So melodic, rock chronic, pop tonic scramblin
See all these niggaz into gamblin - yo
Just give me square feet, uniquely I'm handlin niggaz
Done danced with niggaz, plus yo, threw niggaz in vans
Left him on trains, his veins got ham in 'em
Take a message, he ran, it was a quarter to four plan
He had me on the floor with my man
We both drugged out, scholars with grams
Tri-colored rocks, follow the hands, full sorrow in plans
Make one false move you blam
Eh yo take the globe right out of ya land
We broke out in Iran.

[Chorus: Polite]
Eh yo it's eight million stories in the city
Niggas actin' shifty, Ice Water back on the grizzly
Brand new handgun that hold about fifty
It's a new boss in town like Mauseberg Mickey
Eight million stories and six is from the hood
A real live hustler up to no good
They needed more yae-yo to ease they habit
They said we fell off, the streets don't believe you faggots!

Where all the wolves live, sub-machine guns and big beamers
Yo circle the crib, you see teamsters that try you again
Little niggas is blind, the nines fly out and slap a few men
That's mine, let up off 'em again
Take seventy more shots, the remedy, Wu through the fence
This bench God, lays in gents
Eh yo pop the head off right under the tents
This is more current events, pay attenti
The legend is here, as long as you know him he coffins ya men
What? Bulletproof pimps, big hammers, multiple flips
As long as it's bread, you know you was hit
Eh yo let that stack get rinsed
Play the back, sharp as a fuck, ownin' my own shit
Grown niggas get moments to vent
Give 'em the real Lex Diamond Story, welcome 'em in
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