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God Is Wasted

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Burn the skeleton of God's child
Let the rest of him disappear in open air as smoke from the stake
His soul turn to nothing and his spell that blessed the earth dies with him
You can't see a thing that reminds me of him
earth is malignant once again
This is the dark age... never ending horror and fear for existence
God's men on earth have left
(Christians) you have no longer your faith
Your God is dead
a victory and feast for the Devil's men
No more times in glory
no weakness can harm this earth again
The earth was never meant for his glory
it was meant for us and the Devil's path
We will watch you... God
We will watch you do the same mistake
we will watch your moves
as raven high above earths surface
We will be ready and the next time you try
to conquer the world by sending your child
will he die while he still lies in the cradle
God is wasted...
His son has been removed from the soil
Burn the Child...
Let him never get his hands on this earth again
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