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Daly City Train

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He was an artist and a writer
and a poet and a friend
In a man's life he will take a fall
but how low he goes it just depends

He's shooting dope in the men's room
at the station daly city train
Have you ever seen an angel well I know I have
they'll stay here for a while and then they'll fly away

[Chorus: x2]
Jackyl had a beer in his hand last time I seen him
When he rolled the dice he never thought twice
never thought twice about being him

Some grown up and some grow old
but what about the kid who never learned the rules
Spent all these years on this earth
when you look back it's just a flicker of time

Jackyl was one of the one's that perished
He was one of the one's that was already saved
Through all the evil and wreckage
he maintained a sense of himself

[Chorus x2]

Some men are in prison even though
they walk the streets at night
Other men who got the lockdown
are free as a bird in flight

[Chorus x2]
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