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Hip Hop Teddybear

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Hip Hop Teddybear
Hip Hop Teddybear

Hickory dickory dock yes yes ya'll and we dont stop left foot right foot any foot at all lets get on the dance floor at this palace ball little Jack corner just sits in the corner hes a pot of fire his face heats warmer someones at the door knock knock whos there its Jimmy crack corn and I dont care whos on the microphone
In the hot chair I do declare its the hip hop teddy bear doodle doodle doodle with your rimes and riddles the monkeys in the middle while the cat plays the fiddle maybe its man but you still have to dance cause hip hop teddy bears always there so come on everybody gather around the grove even mother goose & Dr. sues get spooked cause
The Hip Hop Its My Jam Teddy Bear [4x]
Paddy cake paddy cake 123 sing another rime for the nursery Jake & Jill is on the wheels still we just chill from noon until the palace is piling at the bouncing ball humpty dumpty just sits on the wall Cinderella brought a fella and hes dressed in white she leaves otta site just before mid night well tear up the let the bridges fall down the hip hop teddy bear with the funky sound goldy locks on the spot and she rocks non-stop everybody in the house say hip hop hip hop and you dont stop hes my buddy hes my pal hes my very best friend cause hes so cool I wanna hang with him cause hes the
Hip Hop Its My Jam Teddybear [4x]
Here we go here we go
Its my jam I like that
Its my jam I'm outta here boy

Hip Hop Teddybear [9x]
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