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The First Rock

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In the beginning there was one and only God, you see - all said and done -
the only one you chose to rule the world
But then... as time was passing by you kept - without even knowing why -
re-entering new faces to the fold
So was it progress or regress? A bunch of them created such a mess
inventing laws all written gold on gold

"From now on one icon leaves no room for others"

So now we're back - a single face in every corner, showing holy grace,
demanding bigger palace - worth the king
We're working hard to build it right, we're slaving every day and every night,
just dying to complete this bloody thing

Higher, higher... we can't stop. The tower's getting higher

Build a perfect house of light on our flesh and bones
to keep a sacred image under lock and key, but
every single dream we had kept ending in the mud
when we replaced religion with the rock...
the very first mistake - a simple rock.

Inferior gods must be gone... tomorrow there'll be only one.
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