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Northern winds blow ever stronger
Black storm clouds gather on the horizon
Nothing will remain as it was
Time has changed everything
Nothing will be as it was before
Time has changed everything

Hero's name will vanish in depths of time
The story itself will be changed
Those who died will be forgotten
New grass will sprout from their bones

But still it is not the end
The battle rages on
There Kurbads stands
And fiercely fights

He will stop the sun in the sky
Turn the river against the stream if needed

Neither curses, nor afflictions can affect him
No black magic can do him harm
With courage he has survived it all
But now Black Rider stands before him

Kurbads lift his sword up high
Splits the ogre's skull in two
Black Rider falls from his horse
That job is done at last!

And enemies run
As Earth burns beneath their feet
A new dawn approaches
Woven in golden rays
Black storm clouds scatter
And the sky is blue once again!

But the evil eye does not sleep, it sees all
Where the deep wound splits the shoulder
Snake still manages to spit her venom
Just before the hero kills her

Kurbads lifts his left hand and crushes the Snake Witch
Raises his right hand and cleaves ogre's skull
And only then, killed by the Snake's deadly venom
Falls down upon his sword and dies…
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