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After the Christmas battles the rest wasn't long for Riflemen,
on the 23rd of January Germans start the offensive to capture
back Machinegun hill recently being lost. Those were the
bloodiest battles in the Riga front at that war.

30 degrees of frost
Machinegun hill forged in ice
Wake up, Riflemen, it gets hard to breathe
Germans send shells of poison gas here
In a hollow sepulchral voice
The first cannon start to roar
And hurricane fire unseen before
Storms over you like whirlwind of death
Universe fills with howling of madness
It seems the end of the world is close
But clench your teeth in burning hate
You must hold out in this corner of Earth

Be like a man
Like a Semigallian warrior
Be like a man
In your heart free from fear

In black mass come German regiments
In silence, with hard and clean-cut features
They must get back Machinegun hill
In blood wash away their shame
The Russian units under their assault
Tremble, rise up and roll back
Hold on, Latvians, you cannot lose your strength
'Cause today you must withstand this battle!

The barrels of rifles get overheated of shooting
Bayonets cut bloody jags in flesh
Every nerve strained to the uttermost limit
Now or never, a man becomes animal

There elsewhere behind clouds the sun shines bright
But over here only frost, horror and death all the time

Be like a man
Like unfailing man of war
You must be like a man
In your heart free from fear
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