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Good Life Remix

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[Cadillac Tah]
Aint no niggas like the Murderers
Get it Crunk; buy out the bar, tear up the clubs
We live to good life very expensive cars
In the Roge; You hand-cuffin'
We run through, man its nuttin'
Man we Huntin', For houses in the Hampton
Just a little somethin' to Lampon
Me and my camp be ballin like professional ballers do it
Better yet like no other, how you love it
Man we livin' the good life

[Faith Evans]
Seven days of work with no break
I got to take the day off to unwind
It gives my time to get away
A little time to ease my mind (my mind)

Forget about your worries
Save your problems for tomorrow
Tonite just try to have a good time (Got to have a good time)
Mr. DJ take it easy
Let the music help you do it
Tell me don't you want to live the good life
And have a good time doin' it

No friends, no stress its the good life
Lay back, relax in the good life
Good love, no mess in the good life
Wanna live in the good life

[Ja Rule]
Baby, baby, who dat remind you of
Not trey, B.I.G. and Faith was in love (the good life)
Live it up, however you like
Drip your body in ice, clubbin tonite (Is that right)
Pull up in the V12, 6 ooh me and you (the good life)
Get it up in the club, toast it up
cause you can't get enough of the good life

[Faith Evans]
Dancin with a glass of champagne
Or maybe Chardonnay
Keep me feelin' good all night
Seen so many happy people on the floor
Leave your problems at the door


When I come through the door
I work the floor
We gonna sip all night - here's some Remy for y'all
I stay cute, star studded with a platinum cross
VS-1, DS diamond with a rainbow gloss
That ain't half of what I do when I flood scene
Short, sassy but petite, and my pockets mean
Yeah! I live the good life in the big-body Benz
S.-5 a celli with twenty friends
The Good Life



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