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Devils highway

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This is the story of a time in life
When I went down the Devil's highway
A time in life when I found it hard
To keep the ongoing wolves at bay
A wise man told me "don't play with death"
But I cut myself just the same
And now the cursed scars that still remain
Are what keeps this man totally insane

Self destruction
Just a casualty of this
Devil's highway
Drives a good man insane

See I've been called a dropkick and a loser in someone else's game
But when I get my chance to make a move
I'm gonna make it to the hall of fame
A friend of mine he'll cheat me this time
But I've kept a few tricks up my sleeve
And now the stories tattooed on my skin
Are what keeps this main going the right way

I'm wearing a crowd of thorns
Blood sticking in my eyes
Devil's highway
Keeps a good man insane

Lucky card I'm gonna roll the dice without ever stopping
And thinkin' twice
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