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I wish my eyes were Ernies

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She Looks So Divine & I Can't See
Why She Prefers That Nerd To Me
How Come She Ain't Mine, I Wanna Be
I Wish That I Could Be Ernie

I've Got The Blues, If I Could Choose
Then I Would Be In Ernie's Shoes Ooee, Who's He... Ernie
It Would Be My Only Chance
If I Were Wearing Ernie's Pants
I Wish My Eyes Were

I Wish My Eyes Were Ernie's, I Wish It Could Be True
I Fantasize I Have The Eyes Of Ernie's
To See Through And
If My Eyes Were Ernie's, Then I Would Not Be Blue
Coz If My Eyes Were Ernie's
My Eyes Would Be With You

Her Hands In Ernie's As She Walks By
It’s Gone Way Too Far My My
I'm Shakin' At The Knees, She Looks So Fine
How Comes Ernie's Bird Ain’t Mine

'With Ernie's Arse & Ernie's Chest
In Ernie's Under-Kegs N' Vest
I Wish My Eyes Were, I Wish My Eyes Were

With Ernie's Hand N' Ernie's Arms
I Wish That I Had Ernie's Charms
I Would Never Let Her Go, If I Were Only Ernie Oh
I Wish My Eyes Were... Wish My Eyes Were Ooooo

I Wish My Eyes Were Ernie's
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