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The Coppers Copt Kens Cash

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He Was A Rich Man, He Was A Sod
Income Tax Thief Known As Ken Dodd
Lock Him Up Dump Doddy In The Nick
A Greedy Pig With A Tickling Stick

Not Content In The Super Tax Bracket
1/2 A Mill In The Pocket Of His Jacket
He Climbed Up Stairs To Hide Away The Bread
1/2 A Million Smackers Under Ken's Bed

Oo Oo Oo He Dodged The Inland Revenue
A Liverpudlian With Loads O' Loot
He Didn't Declare It, He Didn't Give A Hoot!

Ken Ken, Who's He Again?
A Disappointment To The Diddymen
Ken Ken, Had The Upper Hand
Now He'll Never Expand On His 500 Grand
Ken Ken, Had A Load O' Cash
Till The Cops Copt Ken In Notty Ash

The Cops Crept In To Where Ken Slept
They Knew Where Ken's Cash Was Kept
Doddy Then Had To Confess
The Dosh Was Under His Mattress
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