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Some Kind of Home

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You don’t say much
You'll take any more than you'll have to
Have you lost touch
With the ones you adore and sought after
And you don't know why
Yeah, they put a bullet through your heart
And told you not to cry
You know life should be beautiful
So come on out the shadows for while

I wanna know where you go
When you’re dreaming
I wanna see what you see
With your eyes close
And when it all goes down
Then we'll
Have a place to run
Cause I don't know when I can't tell
What you’re thinking

So we'll just drive
In the night
Till we find
Some kind of home

I swear I’ll never mention this to anyone
So go on you can tell me what it is
You see I am barely hanging on here
And the way I feel yeah somethings got to give

It’s hard enough to walk a line in pieces
but you don't have to do this on your own
We can pass the time reading signs along the freeway
You don't have to do this alone
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