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No good without you

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Talkin' all night while the radio
Playing songs we love, we're dancing slow
It's good to be with you
Then two years later you were running late
But I knew you were worth the wait
So I held out to see you
And day turned to night, I was still alright
'cause I knew you'd be calling
And days turned to weeks, love was springin' leaks
Like rain it was falling
'Cause baby, it's no, no, no good without you
Everything's wrong since you've gone away
I tried to follow my dreams, but they're all about you
So where can I go, when honey I know
It's no good without you
I said hey, hey, hey, baby
Saturday night I'm alone again, I'm losing my mind,
Caving in 'cause baby I miss you
Every thought, everywhere I go,
every song on the stereo, is reminding me of you
I played my guitar and was told to stop
'cause your love is amazing, amazing, amazing
'cause I got to move on 'cause your love is gone
Everything fades from you
All I see is you
I'm barely breathing, always day dreaming
All I see is you
What I need is you
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