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All For One

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You think I'm crazy for wanting you
But you just hide away
Behind your untold truths
And so I sit and
Listen to your lonely words
Another reason for you to be yourself

I can't be wrong for believing you
This ice is melting
And the waves are breaking through
I see a fire burning in your heart tonight
There's only one way for me to forget

All for one, one for all
Strong in hear, body and soul
We were all for one, one for all
All for one, one for all
Nothing could stop us, we had it all
We were all for one, one for all

I always knew
You had dreams of your own
But I can't understand you
So many words, too much to say
And nothing to hold on to
And so another day must end
In this loneliness
Another reason
Another time, I guess
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