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Threshold Of The Usurper

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Music: R. Scythe 9/94, Lyrics: D. Slaughter 9/94

The king is dead- His scepter broken
Rejoice (For it is) the day of retribution
overthrone- I raise my sword in triumph
Reign of terror- Hail Usurper!

Blood and fire- Mark my path of conquest
Desperate screams are frozen in the air
Thy have offered us thier weakness
Victory! Hail Usurper!

We are the legions... the dwellers of the night
Hear our battle cries
Slaughtering victims as we stand proud
The unholy Hordes
We are crushing force of the damned
The queen raped and killed
The kind lies dead as his fresh blood flows
Drink his blood from his skull
His harem obeys the lashing of thy whip
Raise the horns of the goat
Wear the cloak woven of clergymens? skin
The simple mind of the king
His power... nothing but a myth
His servants now enslaved
The Usurper slits the throat of the prince

[Solo: R. Scythe]


Upon Sunset, all dreams are crushed
Blood stained on my sword of steel
The thrill, the kill, the conqueror
Rejoice, hail, victory
Amidst inferno
Women are chained for sodomy
The ancient ones proudly observe
Rejoice, hail, Usurper!
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