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Rhythm Is A Cancer

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[First verse:(wordsworth)]
Someday U say, U hate music
Someday U say, Y love it. Like on
guy i saw. He didn't stand this
noisy thing at all.
He just wanted to listen to
Whitney Houston all the time
And I said to him: Hey c'mon, U
lose your energy. Why
don't U wanna try something
different, instead of that
entertaining muzak, blow your ears
sometime. It helps U a lot. It
opens your mind, to a new
dimension. U'll find a new side in
U. And above all, your ears are
constantly receiving
noise anyway, all the time. U'll
never stay in silence, anyway. If U
want some noise, let's make real
one, and when U
want some silence, U can enjoy it
by listening to an empty cassette,
for starters. Music exits for totally
moods, and after all, it's all the same

HC vispila!
HC vispila!
HC vispila!
Tahdomme LIHAA!

[Second verse:]
Once I started to talk to you, don't
wanna stop at all. Now I'm sitting
in a van, on the backseat, riding
this bullshit.
Coming back from the First
Official European Tour. There's
Stockholm, outside the window,
old buildigs, King's
Court, nice place! My head is on a
melody hill, but my feet are
constantly waiting to continue
further. Okay, that's it.
Next verse I'm gonna sing, is going
to be written somewhere else, in a
totally different mood, in a totally
different atmosphere.


[Third verse:]
A man with a .38 in his hand
what does he look a like? A man in
suit and a tight tie ora hippie-
looking junkie? Shock
the monkey, no, shot the monkey.
I feel I have to fill this page with a
nonsense-kind of fow, 'cause my
mind is so
fucking stupid. It can't give
anykinda sign of anykinda
creativeness. I'm just lying, like
cows on a field. Now I stop.
This is bullshit, no cowshit. Yes,
I'll turn into chorus. But please,
don't forget me...

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