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Shark Attack

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Screaming in anguish the pain starts to burn
and then you lose all control
The razor sharp teeth are hungry for flesh
its, wrath needs to unfold

Frenzy begins, their all coming back
To commit lethal sins, Shark attack

Swimming the ocean in search of its prey
it loves to eat you alive, showing no fear
its eyes can see on you only you it will thrive

[Repeat Chorus]

Devouring everything in its sight this eating
machine from hell, delivering a package that's
labeled as death a story you won't live to tell

[Repeat Chorus]
[Solo: J.D.]
[Solo: M.E.]

Now you have come to see a dead end through
eyes that have seen better days
It shreds apart all your limbs in a water
of blood red haze

[Repeat Chorus]

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