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[Will Smith:]
Mic check, one two one two
This dedicated to an old friend of mine, Michelle
She a holy roller now, turned over a new leaf
Now e'rything old gon' burn (please help me not do it again)

[Chorus: Will Smith]
Ms. Holy Roller, new angel
Wit'cha bible out shoutin and you ringin a bell
Mid-life, REBORN! And can't wait to tell
If I don't believe what you believe I'm goin to hell

[Verse One: Will Smith]
Yo, I've been down with Jesus since Sunday school and Easter speeches
The, bible was survival that's what my grandma would teach us
Since I was 5 I've been dyin and tryin to read it
And when I did, it redefined it
Now you was 34 when you found Jesus after your life fell to pieces
Wife two times with two guys, now enlightened the speeches
Seem to flow out your mouth with the hype of a preacher
Took your whole life to reach ya, now I'm a triflin creature?


[Will Smith:]
C'mon, if I die right this second, I reckon that God
Would simply check into my life and times, dissectin my rhymes
He'll see how I've been leadin his troops
You can't do dirt your whole life and say - OOPS!

[Interlude: Will Smith]
Now where was Jesus when you was cheatin and you was deceivin me?
Where was Jesus when you was greedy, your lawyers was bleedin me?
Where was Jesus when every weekend, a new man was livin wit'chu
Oh wait, he was with me, tryin to keep me from killin you!
Now where was Jesus when you was lyin and you was betrayin me?
When I was tryin to make it and you was hatin delayin me huh?
Where was Jesus when the ICE was thrillin ya?
Oh wait, he was with me, tryin to keep me from killin ya!

[Verse Two: Will Smith]
If I ain't know Jesus, ain't no tellin where we'd be
It's been nights I felt like beasts, I needed to fight to release it
I'm in the limelight, it's hot and the heat is ceaseless and
Holdin my tongue while lil' bums cut me to pieces
The only reason's cause I studied the life of Jesus and
Ventin with my pen and intendin to write and release it
But when an ex-friend slight me and slam me pretendin
I hate it, I can't stand, damn it I really resent it
I always strive to be righteous, my version of God
The reason why I never write rap verses with curses inside
The reason I never purposely hurt person I've replied
Many teachers of God, searchin to reach as a God
Pondered the mysteries of why you be dissin me
I adore you, all I hope for you is freedom from mysery
You made mistakes and blunders, you breakin from under but yo
If I'm goin to hell, it's makin me wonder


[Will Smith:]
The greatest atrocities ever committed on this planet have been in the name of God
This country was founded by the Puritans for the express purpose of oppressin free worship
Your attitude is the same arrogant fearful fundamentalism
That fueled the hatred, of the Crusades and the attacks of 9/11
If we are not allowed to worship God as groups and individuals free from persecution
And respect for tolerance, there's only one outcome


[Smith:] Yo

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