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An Ode To Man

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God knows there is no other way...

Release you to endless skies
To find the freedom you've never had
To sail like eagle below the clouds
To breathe the wind, but falling down

You'd leave the ground for better years
The dreams what never will come true
To kneel the god of Christian men
It's not for you, you're falling down again

Soil-born, child of the earth
Enchanted by heavens, but the heavens are not yours
Unleash, tear the chains of angels and gods
Grasses and trees are calling you home

He gathered all passions and dreams
Thus made the wings
And sank like a stone to the valley of nothingness

The earth was too awful and small for him
So said the folks, full of anger and grief
They laugh at the fool, but his genius was clean
Heavens were silent; they have been watching it and smile

The earth son, the fallen
Shall return to mother earth
No human shall be
In the stellar temple

Sacred and clean...

And when he finally reached the gods
The snow was covering his corpse
The fate divided flest and soul
For whom, for what, the soil-born are falling down from earth?

Sacred and clean...
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