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Hell Or High Water

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Youve taken all my will to

Exploit my face behind these hands

And youre far to shallow to drown me in your follies

You wont make it far, this is bigger than who we are

How could you get this far, with such a bitter plan, building all these scars

Just go ahead, pull us out, to sea, relapse to what you were

Such a commodity for you and me to be lost at sea, you drug me out here but honestly, I can sleep and preach much better now, in the clear, you are not to keen, on your current positions

Youre to far out to swim your way in, youre to far out to swim your way 2x

Now that Im back to where I started, drifting out against the oceans speed, these waves will take you farther, into the deep

And I said, that this is the end, the end (Lets both be honest, this is the end)
Pause, fold, contort, all your friends, they fell short and sold you out

Youre to far out, to swim youre way in, youre to far out, to swim your way 2x

When all is said, and done, we face the problems we thought would never come, these treacheries, will claim you

I feel your hands inside of me
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