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Two Killaz

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Let me ask you an question (Whats Up)
You Ever been arrested (Hell Yea)
So what you think that long ride downtown in the back of that car

You think I'm loosing sleep off the week, nigga tripping off me
I load on your body and soul leave you cold
This is more than an empty threat, An wolf took it on an record
When I throw these thangs you goin catch it
Im raw, wicked, and wretched
Above the law you never stop because your organization is non profit
You niggas an g's, you refugees tell em
Master produce cd's then you cant sell em
Talking bull shit walk, money having your ass in an bentley convertible
If you cross me, I murder you
Yo, I do some time when I catch that case
Money on my books and I aint leave the home tank
I phone the niggas on rainy days coming
Niggas entertain, so kane bang, running from the law
Coming from the shore, got stop by the one time
Got out the car, walk on the straight line
I failed the test, handcuff me to my knees touch my chest
Im now under arrest, fake name and address
How am I'm suppose to live
Life with no bitch, no hustle, two strikes, and no heat

[Chorus x2: Xzibit]
We goin roll no matter how it go
We going throw hell of blows
And act an fool at statio
Homie we goin roll

[Big Hutch]
I told you I was coming back with heat
Chips, wait hell of deep
Yo, niggaz want to scheme
Niggaz want to plot aim
Put you now, my heat stay cop yo
Somebody ask me if I was afraid to die
I told them naw I'm an soldier, bitch why
Yo, mother fuckers waist to much time
Worried about something that they wont be able to stop
Yo, I roll hard and heavy like an blimp
I never went over an bitch, an fell of chips
I smoke that ass like an bomb twenty sack
Get the creppin and I'm high off of cogniac (Yea)
Real niggaz, appeal niggaz with no regrets
Yea, depending on the size of deck
If he really think we getting played for the scratch
An possible taken to make your set back
Some many pit falls, road blocks, and stop lights
So many niggaz to die three strikes
You better pray to god I don't catch you swerving
Im going to dick that ass out like an virgin

[Chorus x2: Xzibit]
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