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Internal landscapes

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And I felt myself going. I was in a great deal of pain, it was a very frightening experience, but I began to slip…
I just sort of, feel myself going, and I remember trying to hold on… I’ll be ok, I’ll be ok…
And it got to the point where I just couldn't… And everything began to just become very quiet.
And I can remember with every ounce of strength I had I wanted to say goodbye to my wife, it was important to me…
And I did, I remember just turning my head, looking at her and saying… I'm gonna die, goodbye Joan… and I did.
It was then that I experienced… experienced what we call a near death experience, for me there was nothing near about it, it was there.
It was a total immersion in light, brightness, warmth, peace, security…
I did not have an out-of-body experience, I did not see my body or anyone about me, I just immediately went into this beautiful bright light.
It's difficult to describe, matter of fact it’s impossible to describe.
Verbally it cannot be expressed, it’s something which becomes you and you become it…
I could say that I was peace, I was love, I was the brightness… It was part of me…

Goodbye my friend
Love will never end

And I feel like you
And I breathe all truth

Love is the lifebreath of all I see
Love is the truelight inside of me

And I know you somehow
As I hold you in my heart

In my heart

There's a fire in the sky

And I know it's you

(Senses following me)

There's a light that's so bright
And I know it's you

And I dream like you
And I believe in truth

For I was always there
And I will always be there...

And it’s just so beautiful. It was eternity. It’s like… I was always there, and I will always be there…
That my existence on earth was just a very brief instant.
I could say that I was peace, I was love, I was the brightness… It was part of me…
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