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Devil Boy

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Ii slept through easter yesterday
Right through christmas just the same
Priest came up to me all up in arms
He said "devil boy, what have you done?"

Hey devil boy: we're gonna blow your house in
Hey devil boy: what do you think of that?

For heaven' sake
It's only been two thousand years
And I can't wait any longer for you

The jesuits rolled in their tanks to my front door
The capuchins held a love in on my front porch
The augustinians kept to themselves
Stuck their tongues out in a row

They said devil boy it's off to hell you go
And so I sit and pray for her to call me there
I'll burn that bridge a thousand times
On the cross I bear
Just to wonder if you're listening
From a soapbox in the sky
To finally realize my pride, was it you or was it i?
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